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Zoonoses Watch', RCZI’s quarterly newsletter focuses on issues related to food safety | Zoonoses emergence linked to changes in agriculture patterns and environment | RCZI represented at national and international forums, drawing attention to issues of concern in the region | RCZI brochure presents information on its priority areas, current projects and partners | Photo feature on peri-urban livestock farming in India identifies gaps, risks and vulnerabilities to zoonotic outbreaks and suggests ways to circumvent and manage these
More than 50% of the global burden of rabies is shouldered by countries in the South Asia region where inspite of the longstanding nature of the problem and presence of effective intervention strategies for rabies control, rabies continues to remain a major public health challenge.
Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease that affects both humans and animals. The bacteria infects approximately one third of the world’s population and kills 1.5 to 2 million people each year, almost all of whom reside in developing countries..
Expansion of agriculture and associated anthropogenic environmental changes has allowed intensive interactions between humans, livestock, and wildlife.
Asia has generated more than half gains in global livestock production since last two decades and is expected to continue in future. However the manner of supply growth has imposed considerable social, health and ecological costs.

In recent decades, emerging diseases have cast a wide net of fear with new infections breaking into human populations.
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