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Ventral view of a male body louse, Pediculus humanus var. corporis
Ventral view of a male body louse, Pediculus humanus var. corporis 
This section provides information on one of the nine zoonotic diseases which have been identified by a experts in a national consultation organised by RCZI in June, 2008  as focus or priority diseases for the next five years.

Rickettsial Infections are caused by rickettsiae which are small, gram negative bacilli adapted to obligate intracellular parasitism and transmitted by arthropod vectors. These organisms are primarily parasites of arthopods such as lice, fleas, ticks and mites in which they are found in the alimentary canal. In vertebrates including humans, they infect the vascular endothelium and reticuloendothelial cells. Important rickettsial diseases in India are Scrub Typhus; Epidemic Typhus; Endemic Typhus and Tick Typhus. Rickettsial diseases are difficult to diagnose both clinically and in the laboratory. As a result, this group of diseases have been grossly underreported in India. In 2004, 198 cases were found positive and in 2008, 252. Recently outbreaks have been reported from West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh.

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Rickettsial and related infections

Rickettsiae and Rickettsial Infections: The Current State of Knowledge

Tick- and flea-borne rickettsial emerging zoonoses

Tropical rickettsioses (doi:10.1016/j.clindermatol.2005.11.007)

The vector-borne human infections of Europe: their distribution and burden on public health

Rickettsial Infections: Indian Perspective

Spotted fevers & typhus fever in Tamil Nadu
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Zoonotic diseases of public health importance. Zoonoses Division. National Institute of Communicable Diseases. New Delhi. 2006

Vector control

WHO Surveillance Standards for Scrub typhus

Fast facts on Q Fever

Fast facts on Ehrlichiosis

Comprehensive information on Q Fever

Comprehensive information on Typhus fever

Diagnostic manual for Q Fever

Control and trade recommendations
Researchers   Recent Publications and Reviews Researchers   Confirmed and Suspected Outbreaks of Leptospirosis
Jensenius M et al. Multicenter GeoSentinel analysis of rickettsial diseases in international travelers, 1996-2008. Emerg Infect Dis. 2009 Nov;15(11):1791-1798.

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FAQs Scrub typhus. WHO SEARO

Rickettsial Infections: Q & A

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